Some users may find that they cannot view any Chromecasts to connect to. 

We have a few steps you can follow to fix this issue.

1. Confirm that you are connected to "District 145 - Staff" if you need a refresher on how to connect check out this article here.

2. If you are connected to Staff wifi and you cannot see any Chromecast devices to cast to, go to the about section in Google Chrome.

3. If Chrome is out of date, this can cause an inability to see any Chromecasts. On the About Google Chrome, it will start to auto update if there is an update required for Chrome.

4. Once Chrome has finished updating, a button will appear to relaunch Chrome, your pages will open back up to where they were if you click this.

5. If Chrome is up to date it will tell you on the About Google Chrome page.

6. If you still cannot see any Chromecast devices, please submit a ticket.